Welcoming 2020!


December 30th: The house of our daughter that was in construction mode went through the fire. Claudiane & François and their 3 boys (Laurent 15; Edgar 13; Aurèle 11) were planning to move in February. Thank God no one was injured. Thank God for the problem that caused the fire happened before they move in. (PTL)


January 2nd 2020: As we were talking a “healthy” walk along the St-Lawrence River, Lorraine slide on a icy spot and broke her wrist. After 12h. waiting at hospital for good care, she came back home full equipped as you cann see… Thanks God Donald enjoy cooking!

We are very thankful for so many prayer support and emails and phone calls of encouragement we received through these challenges.

Pray for physical and spiritual protection while God is giving us many opportunities to talk about Jesus. Lorraine is not only intentional but also unstoppable. We will give you in our next update a short report on how God brought people in our life to hear about Jesus through this time of adversity…

                   Our love, Donald & Lorraine



Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Jesus was born in the midst of people “worried, downcast who look like sheep without shepherds” reveals to us in Matthew 9:36. Filled with compassion, He came to announce a Good News: He came to reconcile us to God (2 Corinthians 5: 18-20) and to release the captives, to open the eyes to the blind, to deliver the oppressed, and heal broken hearts (Luke 4: 18-19). Who does not qualify with this statement?

Emmanuel, means God with us come.  Jesus came to “realize” this Good News in each of our life. Indeed, when we experience pain, we tend to become self-protective, self-sufficient and we cut off relationships with others, including with God. Our suffering hearts are trapped and fed through negative beliefs that result from irritating and hurtful experiences. When we suffer in this way, we are focused on our pains that paralyze our lives. 

God is the Light and there is no darkness in Him. Jesus wants to deliver us from the state of victim which imprisons us. At His invitation, we can be intimate with Jesus as our prayers express the spiritual reality of our heart that He wishes to address and heal. We learn to go to Jesus in prayer (Matthew 11:28) to ask him to shed light (1 John 1: 5-10) by showing us the state of our hearts that have been damaged and how He wants to heal them .

When Jesus heals our hearts, we become filled and stimulated by renewed hope to help the people Jesus puts on our path. As we walk on the journey of healing, our lives are transformed and become progressively witnesses and a demonstration of this Good News of Jesus. In front of a desperate world, God invites us to start our journey by making this first step/decision: “To all who received him, who believe in his name, (Jesus) He gave the power to become children of God (John 1: 12). Thank you God for giving us this opportunity offering of Reconciliation, to become your children of adoption and to be part of your caring family.

Since 2011, we have had the privilege of counselling over a hundred pastoral couples and local Church and Ministry leaders across the province through our five-days spiritual retreat in our home. We now see leaders wanting, in turn, to bless the people whom God has entrusted to them. We are happy to continue to replicate our ministry by teaming up with these pastors and ministry leaders. We focus on seminars, coaching, discipleship one by one, “Celebrate Recovery” discipling groups. In 2019, Lorraine accepted to become a lead representative for the development of the Celebrate Recovery in Quebec. Donald continues to accept invitations to speak on the message of Reconciliation with his book, which is still in demand. We are finishing the first edition of which 5,000 copies in English and 3,000 in French. We are grateful for the health God is giving us to continue to take a humble part in His work in Quebec.

Thank you for being partner in our ministry with your faithful support and prayers. May this Christmas find the true reason for the season in your heart, your home, your local church and your Community.

Isaiah 9: 6: “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us, and dominion shall rest on his shoulder, and shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

– In the love of Jesus, Donald & Lorraine




Great retreat and holiday in New Foundland!

M2M started with a vision to care for missionaries – Deer Lake, New Foundland


M2M means amazing people committed to care for missionaries.

We thank God for His faithfullness to care for us providing this amazing M2M retreat and visit in New Foundland. We came back rested and filled with joy, ready for the next season.

In a short moment, enjoy the following slide show… 

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Caring and investing in people’s lives really matters to making disciples!


*  All Summer we have been doing follow up coaching with pastoral and ministry couples.

*  We had two pastoral couples each for one Week counselling in our home.

*  We are training two Church leaders to do pre-marital coaching with young couples.

*  During most Summer, Lorraine has been leading a weekly group of women in our home for spiritual growth with Celebrating Recovery teaching. This process is helping  her to recruit and prepare new CR group leaders.

*  Lorraine has been chosen to become provincial apprentice co-leader of Celebrating Recovery ministry by CR canadian director Deb Jones. As we minister regularly to pastoral couples, Lorraine takes each opportunity to promote the development of CR through local Churches in Quebec.

*  Would you pray for two groups (women and men) being initiated to Celebrating Recovery Teaching and coaching. This Fall, our desire is to look for men and women wanting to grow in their faith and to give them opportinuties to be discipled who are Learning to walk with Jesus.

Watch the following interview to see how ministry partnership is vital in Quebec to lead people to the Lord and to make disciples:


20170408_133100  Donald, Lorraine with CR national director Deb Jones and her husband Rick.


Only God can write such stories…

Fredérique and Anna stories.                                                                                                           Lorraine: “ I received a phone call from a friend Annabelle working for “Aujourd’hui l’Espoir – Hope for Today” a Gospel radio – TV ministry broadcast in the province of Quebec. The phone call was about a lady from Montreal who was showing interest to know more about the Gospel. March 7th, I got in touch with Frédérique and made an appointement to meet in my home for coffee. She has already contacted by another believer in her area. I explained to her what was important was to meet Christians that would encourage her to read the Bible and follow Jesus, and to make sure what is being taught to her is from the Bible.
DSC_0017 (2)We met on the following Saturday, March 9th. She explained to me that when she heard a song on radio, her heart was so moved and touched that she began to cry,  feeling her heart being torn and empty. She then felt the desire to know more about God. She went to see on the internet and listen to a Gospel program. At the closing of the program the phone number of “Aujourd’hui l’Espoir” was given. She called right away. This why we got her reference.
I had 3 phone conversations with Frédérique. I I listened to her story, answered her questions, explained the good news of the Gospel to her. Visibly, she was ready to pray and to invite Jesus into her heart and commit her life to follow Jesus. I gave her a Bible and a practical study on the Gospel of John. The next day, she attended a service at Nouvelle Espérance – New Hope Church in the area where she lives, north of Montreal, with pastor Jean Lépine, someone we know. This is also the local Church of Diane, a close friend. She was warmly welcome at Church although my friend Diane was not there that day for cancer testing.”

” I persued faithfully my relationships with Frédérique. One day she invited me to her house to meet her friend Anna; she also asked me to bring a Bible for her friend. Frédérique had already told her friend about her experience with Jesus and explained the Good News to Anna. We got to know each other and shared about our background. Then we discussed about Jesus and the Gospel. Interestingly, we were reading from 3 different Bible translations: Louis Second (Lorraine), Word of Life (Frédérique) and (NIV) for her friend Anna (I gave an NIV because she is Italian and English speaking) but  the truth of the Gospel came out clearly. Anna was also a ripe fruit who prayed to invite Jesus in her heart. We enjoyed our moment together. We prayed together to close the meeting praising God for the ministry of Reconciliaton.

Frédérique and Anna are studying the Bible with me. We are starting by a special study reading four times the Gospel of John each time with a different focus and with practical applications. I have also invited Frédérique for  Vie Renouvelée – Celebrating Recovery groups that will soon start through my coaching  network, Eastern of Montreal. Pray for transportation – this might be an obstacle. We will see what the Lord has in store for them.”

Story of Anita.
“I am coaching another lady. I met Anita at our local church. I observes how she looked “alone” in the crowd. I became intentional to take interest in her and to get to know her more through hospitality. She was raised as an Anglican pastor’s daughter. We started to do Bible study on a weekly basis. As we met and discussed more about personal issues, she told me she was not sure about her faith. While we were making practical applications in the Bible about her life, she was touched deeply. We are encouraged to see the work of the Holy Spirit as we dig in the Word of God on a weekly basis. Anita is now walking in a new spiritual Journey being transformed by the work of Jesus. “

“This is to say that are single women, in their fourties, who long to get out of their problems and to grow… And you know what, Jesus is just there waiting patiently and faithfully to meet and to care for them…”

“Thank you Jesus for the privilege and opportunities to share about you and to invest in the lives of people with the Gospel, the living power to heal their heart and transform the lives of people for God’s Glory. (Luke 4: 18-20)”

    –  Lorraine



Donald & Lorraine on a three weeks Tour Western Canada speaking on RECONCILIATION



God is showing us that the message of Reconciliation is a powerful message, vital and indispensable for our country, our communities, our families, our couples and also for our churches. When people are open to work on reconciliation, it’s like making an invitation and a special place for the work of the Holy Spirit … and it’s really edifying to see Him at work. In Canada we try to resolve tensions by “buying peace” with negotiations and so-called “reasonable” accommodations: this is called maintaining business relationships. But that does not solve anything because the problem is deeply rooted in the broken relationships and unresolved wounds that the different groups of people carry in their relationships… Unfortunately, the relationships are not meant to “take care of each other” but to dealing and settling things with a business mindset, using people instead of serving people … Canada is a big, blended family of several groups of children – French, English, Aboriginal and all new adopted immigrant children – and that’s a family that suffers deeply because it has never resolved its broken relationships since its origin …
On the other hand, the gospel does not ask us to have business relationships between us, but rather to take care of each 20190118_115511other. Our Survey of over 400 years of history shows that in any organization, any group, when relationships are unresolved and the focus is put on accommodations, business, dealing, programs and structures, we fall into the trap creating and feeding  “power struggles” and it produces additional tensions that agitate and complicate relationships even more … (a favorable and ideal play ground for Satan to start a spiritual war and destroy). In such case, we also find that it saddens and limits the work of the Holy Spirit.

That being said, when we see cracks appearing in the walls of our house, family or local Church, it is not the time to make rénovations because it will only cover up the look. To the contrary, it is a clear sign (red flag) that we must dig deep in the foundations of the house to find the root so to understand what is causing the real problems and to discern appropriate measures and steps to correct the situation (Jeremiah 1: 10 biblical process). Therefore, when we do not practice the instruction of the Word of God, we pay the price and the conséquences are inevitably tragic … This is what 1 Corinthians 12 evokes for our reports because according to the text all the members are important: 1Co 12: 24-25 “God arranged the body to give more honor to what was lacking, so that there was no division in the body, but the members also took care of each other. ”