News from Donald & Lorraine in Drummondville, QC

Since we move to Drummondville in 2020, as you also experienced, we have had to deal with a new lifestyle due to COVID. Despite the restrictions, we enjoyed a sabbatical that coincided with our retirement at age 70 as full-time missionaries in Québec. Donald took the opportunity to do several renovation projects on our new house. He really enjoyed the physical work and it did him a lot of good. These renovations allow us to continue to open our house for hospitality for our families and friends as a resting place and, as we have been doing for over 10 years, retreat in our home for couples and individuals. Donald has also embarked on the art of cooking, which Lorraine rejoices and greatly appreciates.

Last year to this date, COVID started to gradually slow down. So we took steps to join a local church. We visited several churches in Drummondville. We met people, had discussions, attended a few churches, and prayed for unity and guidance for the choice of a local church in this new season of our life. Finally, God led us to l’Église baptiste évangélique de la Foi in Drummondville where we will become a member as of March 2023.

Pastor Henry T. Blackaby, whom God has used in revival movements in many places around the world, following these experiences, said: “Watch where the Holy Spirit is at work, and join with Him…” So God shows us to move forward with a step of faith with this Church, where we see the Holy Spirit at work.

What is next then? We have no agenda. We walk as a step of faith to discover and experience the works that God has prepared in advance for us. (Psalm 32: 8; Ephesians 2:10)

Pray for us in this adventure in which God leads us for this new season of our life.

Donald et Lorraine.

2023 a special year for us with a great start!

Celebrate Recovery Networking Conference in Ontario, October 21-22.

A delegation of seven people from CR – Vie Renouvelée Québec attended the conference. Photo was taken with Deb Jones, CR Canadian director.

Celebrate Recovevy progressing in Québec


Guy Lafleur is gone while leaving a great impact on Quebec.

It’s true! Thousands of people shared about their moment or their photo taken with Guy Lafleur. When I was teaching at the École Moderne de Hockey in the summer (1972 and 73), Guy participated in my classes by performing and demonstrating skating techniques that we were teaching to the kids. And Guy, generous as always, never got tired of repeating the skills… The kids really liked him. He was a playing junior at the time…
Later, 1983, as owner of Donald Gignras Sports in Ville d’Anjou, I asked Guy Lafleur his permission to create a trophy by his name for the minor field hockey player in Ville d’Anjou who combined the best results in hockey and in school studies. Vincent Damphousse, future player and captain of the Montreal Canadiens, had the honor to be the first recipient.

Great moment to start 2022

Happy Christmas & New Year! Joy & Peace!!!



Christmas is coming soon. The flamboyant lights and decorations illuminate the streets and houses and are a testimony of the people who are getting ready for a party. We are just waiting for a little snow to top it all off. But what exactly are we celebrating?

Christmas for gifts?

Christmas is so mysterious that it mobilizes the whole world, judging by the media hype about the holiday and Santa Claus. Young people are waiting for presents. Teenagers are looking forward to their Christmas break. It’s also a time when parents negotiate good behavior and all sorts of performance from their children in exchange for gifts they will give them on Christmas Day. And the children learn quickly this little game of negotiation and compromise in return for material gains… Even though all this only lasts for a few moments of temporary happiness, we still play the game…

Christmas: the search for PEACE!

Christmas also carries a time of joy through its musical tradition. It is also an opportunity for reflection where the need for peace is strongly expressed around us and throughout the world. Peace! Peace! Peace! In this sense, Christmas is generally a time of pause, of truce that allows us to refuel before starting another year. Is this really the kind of PEACE we are looking for?

An intruder invites itself at Christmas

This year again, an intruder has invited itself at Christmas, causing panic: the COVID and its little brothers… What whispers and what discussions around the family table on HEALTH… It is true that in Canada we are not used to plagues or natural disasters compared to many other places in the world. In Canada, we are spoiled children and very pampered by the standard of living. When a plague arrives, we are inclined to live in denial, we are quick to criticize, quick on the draw and quick on the tongue… Everyone expresses their opinion and claims their rights, often to the detriment of others. Yet, from these people who speak loudly about claiming their rights, we rarely hear comments from them about our responsibilities to others around us. We certainly will not find PEACE in the stubborn expression of individual rights…

This new Canadian “religion” cannot provide PEACE to one another

In Canada, we have repatriated the Charter of “individual rights” but, in a flagrant lack of vision for the future, we have omitted to repatriate a Charter of responsibilities. Our relationships would be much more balanced and harmonious. But the evil continues to spread. Today, even in our kitchen discussions around the family table, we experience the negative consequences of excessive claims of individual rights coupled with the absence of awareness and responsibility to respect and care for one another. This way of living has permeated our culture, contaminated our relationships and dictated our ways of living. This new religion, called “secularism,” is very similar to the old religions that we have accused and radically rejected because they imposed their doctrines and values on us… In our search for PEACE AND HAPPYNESS, It looks like we only have exchanged our old traditional religious leaders for secular judges to dictate our values and ways of living with the Chater of individuel rights… What is so different between this new “religion” and the traditional religions??? Jesus said: “You will judge its tree by its fruits.” (Matthew 7: 30) and “I am leaving, but I leave you peace, it is my peace that I give you. I do not give it to you as the world gives it…” (John 14: 27). How then can we find PEACE that human being desire?

Jesus, the Reason for the Season

I used to believed in Jesus. But in a historical faith, like a legend, like a Christmas story. Today, it’s different. I understand a little more how you might feel on your holiday, Jesus. I say that because it’s my holiday on Valentine’s Day. It’s my holiday and it really isn’t. Everyone wishes each other Valentine’s Day. It was promoted as the holiday of lovers, of love, with the publicity fuss covered in red and chocolate. On Valentine’s Day, which is my birthday, even more is expected of me: gifts, greeting cards! I quickly realized that it’s not really my holiday… just like Christmas is not really your holiday anymore…

Christmas: celebration of Jesus and PEACE with God

You see Jesus, I can understand “a little” what you can feel at Christmas, your holiday. Deep down, humanly speaking, I can understand that my own birth day is forgotten but not yours. When I think of you who paid with your life on the cross for love of us, to reconcile us with God in order to live as children of God in His family rich in values. You taught us that how love is renouncing oneself, caring for the other, honoring and respecting him/her, and following your example of moving from words to deeds… “There are many who ask: ‘Who will bring us happiness?’ O God look favorably upon us. Let our lives be enlightened by it” (Psalms 4: 7)

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift that you paid with your life for those who seek God. “From heaven God watches over all mankind: Is there any wise man left who expects God…” (Psalms 14: 2) In my Reconciliation with God, I see a new Christmas in light of this beautiful gift I have received and accepted. Jesus, you really deserve to have the first place in our lives, in our hearts.

On this Christmas, the feast of Jesus, we wish you HEALTH and PEACE with GOD!

Celebrate Recovery ministry growing in Quebec.

Photo: Lorraine with Sherbrooke Celebrate Recovery Team – from Axe 21 Church.


Lorraine: faithfull to exercise, a priority to help her double scoliose back problem.

Donald: progressive healing of an emotional burntout following a major tragedy in his family. The COVID timing was a great opportunity for pause and rest. Thanks for Donald’s great physical work last year through the moving and renovating our new house in Drummondville.

Thanks for our children involvement in their local church and our seven granchildren attending church.

Praise CreekSide Church in Waterloo, Ontario for “adopting” Quebec CR provincial Zoom French Group by the time a French local Church do so in Quebec.


After moving and covid restrictions, to adjust in a new local church in Drummondville.

For Lorraine: ability to use Facebook to promote Celebrate Recovery in Quebec

For God to complete Donald’s healing of his emotional burntout and to discern God’s leading following his sabbatical.

For pre-marital coaching with a young couple.

For the planning of one week retreat (2022) in our home with 3 ministry leader couples (in process)

For spiritual protection of our seven grandchildren while they are into teenage time and challenge. Wisdom for parents to coach them.

Lorraine as Celebrate Recovery provincial leader is looking for a local church to host a CR provincial zoom group. Pray that God will put on a pastor’s heart the need for this ministry.

For God to lead Lorraine for new opportunities to promote and implement Celebrate Recovery groups in the province of Quebec.

News from the Gingras as active – retired missionaries!

We praise God for his protection over our health in the family with COVID challenge. François our son-in-law lost his mother due to the Covid. She was ready to join her Lord. Great consolation! As part of his sabbatical, Donald is very active working outside and inside new home in Drummondville. He loves gardening and cooking special meals as well. We thank the Lord for all the help we received despite the confinement for the preparation and the move to our new home located 2 kms from our daughter Claudiane. Like so many, we miss visiting our children and grandchildren.

With Donald’s support and encouragement, Lorraine continues with the ministry of Celebrate Recovery “CR” as the new provincial representative for a 2-year term. “I was not sure I could accept; God confirmed by His Word in Heb. 13.21; Col. 3.23. He assured me that I could lean and rest in Him. “

Celebrate Recovery is based on the 8 beatitudes and taught in 12 steps. This program sanctifies us and cares for the hearts in order to heal from wounds and blockages that lead us to bad habits that Jesus can heal. During their journey and healing process, we encourage people to testify in the Large group (open to those interested) about their lives, their involvement in their families and to become partners for new participants and to go to their community. A work of mutual aid, follow-up, coaching, leadership development is organized.

A dynamic couple joined leadertship at Celebrate Recovery Quebec. Yvon Roy and Colette B. Roy who had already participated in the VR group in Drummondville few years ago. Yvon allows us to have a group of Step Studies as leader for men and Colette joined our leader Diane R. Lalancette to allow us to have more intimate groups for Step Studies for women.


In the context of COVID, we could meet on Zoom. So we have people from Montreal, central Quebec and Quebec city area. Another group has developped at Axe 21 Church in Sherbrooke. Katy has been appointed new VR / CR leader following the work of Alexander who returns to studies for the ministry.

We pray that each of the region of Quebec can develop on Zoom and, God willing, in their face-to-face time. As the teams grow with new participants, we help them to find a local church that will support this ministry in their area. I pray that God adds to our team the people who can help me to equip the Celebrate Recovery ministry for publicity, as leaders and other tasks which require a better knowledge of modern technology. I manage by the grace of God and if the Lord is in a hurry, He will make the work grow through the Holy Spirit.

With patience and perseverance we continue to join in his work. May the glory be returned to him. For the development of his Kingdom.

We officially welcome Lorraine as our CR Representative for Quebec!

Please join Richard Cobb and me in officially welcoming  Lorraine Gingras as our CR Representative for Quebec!  Thank you as well Donald for your support of Lorraine in this ministry.  You both have and continue to teach me much.

I thank God for the first time we meet in St. Jerome, Quebec,  June, 2016 and all the translation that Lorraine has done for us since; beginning with Rick and me when we did our first CR Event in Quebec City, Quebec, the following spring.

Thank you for all your hard and diligent work; for your dedication to God, CR – Vie Renouvelée and the people of Quebec.  May the Lord do in this province beyond what we could hope or imagine.  May he continue to keep you encouraged and steadfast as you walk with Him.

Let’s remain in prayer for one another, as we serve God where he has planted us.

Deb Jones

Canadian Director

Celebrate Recovery

Thank you note from Donald & Lorraine

Thank you for attending our ministry celebration, January 23rd. As so many mentioned: “It was special and blessing for everyone to see what God has done during all those years of ministry.” If you are interested, we can send you the link to see the video of the celebration. Send us a note to :

Donald & Lorraine are “active – retired missionaries” in Quebec, walking through a new adventure…