June 24th – Quebec National Day: What to celebrate?

The National Day! What are we celebrating?

“June 24th is my birthday. For some, it’s the Saint-Jean Baptiste, for others it’s the national holiday: two worlds representing two very different stages of my life where, in turn, those around me promised me an unequaled happiness . I introduce myself: I am Quebec. I left the family home (France) around 1600 to emigrate to America to build my future. Since my arrival, all those who have been in authority above me have tried, in turn, to make me swallow blindly that life would work for me if I endorse their values. They promised me that I would find happiness guaranteed.

Today, 400 years later, I still live the same scenario. How can I say that I have found this happiness so coveted in the temporal, material, financial and political values I have so much praised? At the moment, I face the reality of my life and where these values lead me … The statistics say a lot about me! These results, however disappointing they are, do not lie and push me invariably to ask me a lot of questions. Yes, it’s my birthday, but what a funny party! What is wrong with my life? Do I just have to walk in the street and party to evacuate my distress and express my discontent? What will I leave to my children just as inheritance? Just asking me the question hurts me a lot. ”

ENGLISH POSTER DONALD'S BOOKQuebec is the child whose historic wounds have tragically damaged his heart. Quebec is torn and exhibits in its relations attitudes that reflect a heart overwhelmed like a volcano ready to spit fire and the lava suffering that have pressed for so long. Quebec questioning who seeks his way through the racket of pots and pans on the streets or “parties” or sports or in the religion of hockey but still does not find satisfaction once the day come to an end … Quebec in search of identity, which tends to drown its discomfort and his troubles in denial by venerating his culture, his songs and his humor under the fires of countless and endless summer festivals … Quebec, what is this void that haunts you so much? Quebec, what are you trying to fill? Quebec, 400 years have passed, but it’s the same thing. Quebec, what spiritual legacy will you leave to your children?

Donald Gingras, author of “Window of Hope … and Reconciliation” Quebec, a 400-year overview of a revealing story where Quebec lives in Canada, a hurting family…
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