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CAFÉ LA MOSAIQUE: a life beating gathering in the heart of Lévis, Qc.

On 27 August, Café La Mosaique celebrated its second anniversary by bringing together more than fifty people. The Café team also took the opportunity to launch its third year in a festive family atmosphere.

Geneviève Mayrand, a customer of Café La Mosaique, reported in a French local newspaper: ” Lévis community has finally found the gathering place that it lacked the Mosaic Café. Exhibitions, music, games, workshops, discussions, social enterprise offers a multitude of activities and provides a perfect platform for projects of all kinds around the values of mutual aid, ecology, equity and critical thinking. Profits from the company are dedicated to various organizations in the region and the creation of new community projects. Most of the activities of the coffee is made possible through the work of a great team of dedicated volunteers.”

La Mosaique is a ” work is in constant progress, but we can already see a beautiful colored drawing quietly taking shape at the mercy of events and links that weave them.” as concluded the article.

Pastor Anton Beukes visiting Quebec

Visit to Montreal and Quebec

Reported by Pastor Anton Beukes

As part of my ministry, I am privileged to visit our church’s missionaries and supported missionaries on the field.  Donald and Lorraine Gingras have been supported by CrossRoads Church for several years, and we are blessed to be a supporting church, not only financially, but also through prayer, moral support and by their personal visits.

I decided to visit the Gingras at the end of October 2010 on my way back from a 7 week trip to Europe and Africa.  It was a time to support and encourage them, but also to get a better understanding of their ministry.  As there has been a change in the focus of their ministry from church planting to the support of church leaders and EMCC ministries, disciple making and short-term teams, it was good for me to meet some of the people that Donald and Lorraine are working with in ministry at this moment, and will be working closer with in the future.

One of my highlights was the visit to Café la Mosaïque in Levis (supported by some of our denomination’s churches).  I was encouraged by their vision to be part of the community of Levis, but also that they are not ashamed of being Christians or being known as a Christian coffee shop.


Catherine Tremblay, director of Café La Mosaïque speaking with Pastor Anton and Donald.


My prayer is that the Lord will continue to work in Donald and Lorraine as He draws them closer to Him, so that He can work through them, making disciples, training and encouraging leaders, and being light and salt wherever they are.

Anton Beukes, Pastor of Outreach Missions, CrossRoads Church, Red Deer, Alberta.