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Donald & Lorraine on the road again!

Family time to connect!

Our flock at Camp des Bouleaux, QC


La pêche Church, Wakefield, July 7-8th.

Donald & Lorraine preaching and giving mission report about Quebec mission field. Here they are sharing a meal with Pastor Mark and Janet Chamberland after Church. Sunsay 15th, they accepted Pastor’s Rob Harwood’s invitation to speak about the ministry of Reconciliation.  Driving around Stayner area, they visited with pastor Dave and his wife Carri from Collingwood EMC, Brothers and Sisters in the Lord from Faith EMC, Wasaga Beach.


Mission Weekend At Stayner Bible Camp

Meeting with other missionaries makes us feel “home coming.” 


Time to share stories about what God is doing around the World.

Mission Weekend is great Family time.

God is writing a new story in La Pêche Church

Reported by Janet Chamberlin


January 1, 2010:  New Year began bringing our new pastor on board. Mark (and Janet) Chamberlin became Pastor of La Pêche Church. Mark was born and raised in Wakefield, Janet was raised in Ottawa. Mark was also a disciple and mentored by former Pastors Roy Stuart and Thomas Sabourin. While they were both trained in the Wakefield Church, they also graduated with a Ministerial Diploma from Ottawa School of the Bible.

The transition to Pastor was challenging but God’s grace kept them steady and God established Mark as Pastor. They received two words from the Lord in January,…The Battle belongs to the Lord. 2 Chronicles 20 & in 1 Samuel 17 …do not be afraid… I will build MY Church Matt 16:18. It’s His Church, not ours!

February  to May

La Pêche Church reached out to the community with the Alpha Program. Mostly Christians attended, but the Lord taught us how to facilitate a small group talk, serve by preparing dinners and work with Holy Spirit and with guests attending. In the mean time, Pastor Mark conducted his first funeral.

 After praying at our Wednesday weekly prayer meetings for God to open a door to the community, The Wakefield Youth Centre called us and asked to rent our church house for 2 years while the new Recreation Centre is being built in Wakefield. We knew it was God asking us to open our door to the community in their time of need. We continue to look for what God wants to do with them. Some of our youth are attending their programs to see what God might be saying.

 Then, we hosted an Alpha Pre-marriage course. Pastor Mark married the young couple and they are now in our congregation. Later, Norma Wilson started a “Soul Care Group” for those in the congregation who are suffering from addictions, bad habits. Five attend this weekly on Tues mornings.

June to August

 The newspaper ran an article about Pastor Mark and from that article we got a call from a lady who needed help with addictions. She began attending the “soul care group” and others with addictions now attend the small group. The Wakefield Youth Centre moved into the church house. Later, two people got baptized. Matthew and Elizabeth.

 We reached out to the children of the community with a week long VBS program with Bonnie and Jerry Wallace. Twenty children attended. Many workers took part and served the community. An average of twenty-two children attended. Pastor Mark conducted his first wedding Aug 28th.

 Wakefield News-Online is a local e-mail news forum where people in the village can advertize. It reaches 1000 people. The Church advertized a “Truth to Go” clip, from our web site, and one person objected. A great debate started about Christianity. One week later the United Church Minister called to ask Pastor Mark if he would like to join them to do church services at the Manoir ( seniors nursing home ). Nov 7th was the first meeting. Other’s from the Church helped to minister to eight seniors who attended. All the seniors joined in prayer.

 Since spring, 8 new people have come to the Church. We rejoice in the fact that many who have left in the past have returned. This is good news.


 October  to December

We just celebrated the Church’s 27th Anniversary. We worshiped and many shared the good things God did for them in 2010! More new people were there. These new people just moved to Wakefield and they said they would be back. The following Sunday we were blessed by the visit and to hear the mission report  of Donald and Lorraine Gingras. Then, the Church reached out again to the children of the village at Halloween with our six foot tall furry bear. ( Love Bear ). He handed out bags of candy along with Christian reading material.  365 bags were given out!!

   Donald & Lorraine visiting La Pêche Church, October 2010

November 7th we conducted our first service at the Manoir (seniors residence). Eight people attended. We worshipped with guitar, shared communion, prayed as a group, laughed and visited with the seniors.

Pastor Mark and Janet at the Manoir 

Later, we received another phone call from the local “emergency fund community organizer” asking us if we want to get involved with the other churches in the village for a food drive for the local people. We said yes!! Pastor Mark will be meeting with them soon, Dec 1.

 We are looking forward to Christmas season and pray expectedly to see what the Lord will do again in our midst.

 Pastor Mark and Janet Chamberlin