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When disciple making means meeting Jesus in a new way!

DSC_0033 - CopySince 2011, Donald and Lorraine have opened their home as a place of care and counseling for pastoral and ministry leaders couples. They are committed to assisting individuals, couples and families to find freedom from emotional issues, spiritual problems and spiritual strongholds. To date they have met with over 58 couples.

Their ministry has resulted in relationships that have deepened through coaching and mentoring. It has also become a stepping stone in implementing disciple making groups. They are now translating and adapting the “Way of Jesus” for the Québec context, a great need in their mission field.

Donald and Lorraine claim this season is the best and most fruitful in their ministry lives ever. We rejoice with them. Keep praying for them to be sensitive to discern the leading of the Spirit of Jesus in the amazing Journey and movement designed by God for the mission field in Québec.

One such couples shares… ” In November 2013, we went to Donald and Lorraine’s suite for a week of spiritual retreat. The Lord used them to reveal where our hearts were wounded and needed his healing touch. It was the first time in our lives that someone really took care of our heart issues. As a result, we understood that Jesus really is interested in what goes on in our hearts and that he desires this intimate loving relationship with each of his children.

As a pastor, I realized for the first time that  what Jesus had done for me. He wanted to do for those around me as well. He wanted us to take care of people’s lives in such a way that they could experience His love and care in a much deeper way than ever before.

The Lord lead us to set up a group for those disciples who felt the need for healing in their hearts, with Donald and Lorraine as our coaches. We are already seeing hearts being changed before our eyes as Jesus gently leads them to healing. The result is a reigniting of the love for the Lord and for others. Relationships are being restored and the church is starting to live again! We are shifting to become an intentiuonal disciple making Church.”        – Brian & Lorraine Matthieu

Disciple Making at Heart Level


Donald & Lorraine with disciples and staff of ENCOUNTER SCHOOL

ENCOUNTER SCHOOL is a disciple making and leadership development school born out of Canadian Sunday School Mission. It is a training for future summer camp workers and leaders. Donald  introduced them to spiritual reality of Quebec and the need for Reconciliation among the children  of the hurting Canadian blended Family. Lorraine and Donald spent five days at Camp des Îles, Lachute QC, leading the disciples and the staff into a disciple making personal journey meeting God at heart level. To know more about ENCOUNTER:


Thank-you for coming and talking about reconciliation and how to determine why we feel certain ways. I am still praying and learning more about some of the stuff I learned about myself during that week. And I believe it is helping me to more understand who God is. May God bless you both and continue to guide and teach you in every way through Jesus Christ. Amen. 
I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for coming and sharing with our team. Your care for our hearts was evident to all! I really appreciated the way you mentored me and challenged me specifically and how you opened my eyes to things in my life that I was carrying with me. May God bless you both in your ministry and your marriage and may he continue to use you. 
This was a great week. I loved being able to learn more about who I am and who I am in Christ! Thank you Donald and Lorraine for showing us how to look deeper into ourselves and work past hurts. God is really using you to further His kingdom! 
Thank-you so much for everything you guys taught us. Thank-you for taking time to speak to us individually after the planed teaching times were over. I appreciated that so much. Thank-you for being so humble and for sharing so much of your life story with us and thank-you for your passion for Christ. I am so grateful to have learned how my past can affect my future so much. I know that the things you taught me are going to make my relationships stronger. So again thank-you. You are greatly appreciated. God bless you in your career and in your marriage. 
Thank-you for coming to spend a week with us. I learned a lot through your stay. I appreciated your openness with us as students and also your ability to work side by side helping people together as a couple. I thank you for our private prayer time and your assistance in guiding me through dealing with my past. I am praying for you and your mission and hope that we can one day see you again.
Thank you guys so much! I really enjoyed the teachings so much because it helped me to dig deep and really see the hurts I have been holding on to and the bitterness I had because of them. It gave me the opportunity to forgive others and find real peace with my walk with God. Because of the times we spent in classes I understand why certain people hurt me the way they did. And for of them, I have truly forgiven. Donald and Lorraine, you guys are great! (Lorraine, I think of you kissing my forehead often. It makes me smile!) Miss you. 

Hearts being touched!

2013 CAMP PATMOS 007

Donald & Lorraine teaching at Camp Patmos, Lac St-Jean, QC.

In the following lines you will read testimonies from couples who have been wholeheartedly touched during the conference for couples at Camp Patmos, QC. They accepted to share their blessings and be a source of encouragement and hope for other couples.


“What a delight to be able to take a week apart for couples. We are privileged to have this teaching on intimacy in marriage . This beautiful week has renewed our commitment to one another. We again realized the importance of taking care of our hearts each . This second year, the camp has enabled us to further deepen the teaching . “


 “This year we brought better understanding of the conference mainly because of evidence that came to support your teaching that with God there are no hopeless cases … Yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13 . Thank you for the work you are doing in your ministry.”


“Our married life was well socially but had a big empty spiritually. This made ​​me suffer and die slowly making me vulnerable to temptations , leading me even impure thoughts with which I struggled . I alerted my husband to the situation and have offered to different solutions reconciliation, the couples conference at Camp Patmos. He was attentive and kept his word by allowing us to attend for the first year. We were encouraged and blessed by the teachings and warm fraternal sharing . We were challenged to continue our journey of couple seeking assistance through the ” Heart to Heart ” program. In addition, I was informed and issued a problem with bitterness that I lived in my church. God does not abandon us when we cling … and He puts in our path oasis restoration valuable as Camp Patmos and the Ministry of Donald and Lorraine . Thank you! “


 “I had on my heart to contact you to tell you how much your teaching made ​​me think and get closer to God. Also, my husband who was locked in his heart has mentioned to me a few days ago that the message made him thinking and as a result, he is willing to try to work on our relationship in order to rebuild our marriage! At the point where we were, we had no hope left before the camp … it is truly a miracle. Thank you for the work you do and thank you Lord for giving you the gift that can change lives!  “


“I am grateful to God for everything you have given me. Continue to be a blessing for the family of God , and be assured that what you have sown in our lives will certainly grow to maturity by his grace . God bless your ministry and His peace abides in you  richly to be a shining light to bring hope for marriage to a lost world.”



Disciple of Jesus: a matter of the heart!

Our heart is precious and vital for God

God said: ” For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.”  – 1 Samuel 16.7

care - imagesCAETSJXCGod gives a vital importance to the heart. In the Bible, more than 1500 verses speak of the heart with nearly 900 entries in the OT and 600 in the NT.

In the Old Testament, lébalegah back 853 times, 597 times leb, lebab 256 times, are synonymous, interchangeable and represent the nature of a person.  See the following  list of OT verses addressing the heart:              

   Listing of the word HEART in Old Testament

“The Hebrews conceived the heart as the receiver of an intimate communication with God (Isaiah 40: 1-2; Eze 3. 10; Hosea 2: 14) and humans (Gen. 50: 21; Judges 19: 3; Ruth 2: 13). The lips could lie, but the heart as a harbor of truth, concealed and potentially could reveal the absolute truth, as in Delilah’s betrayal of Samson. (Judges 16: 18) – Edward P. Meadors 2006, 14.

“The ancient Hebrews regarded the heart as the vital, life generating center of human beings. A healthy heart produced a healthy life. The heart was one’s emotional center in a positive or negative sense depending on the character of the individual. “- Edward P. Meadors 2006, 14.  

 “In the New Testament, the concept of heart (kardia) corresponds closely with to that of the Hebrew Scriptures. The NT appraises the heart as the “center of the inner life of man and the source of all forces and functions of soul and spirit.  The heart reveals one’s true depravity and moral corruption (Romans 1: 21,24). – Edward. P. Meadors 2006, 78.

Then the Bible describes clearly the heart as the center of the pain, grief, pride, inner evil, lust, adultery, betrayal, infidelity, and very important to the persistence and hardening (hearts of stone). If the new covenant regenerates the heart by faith, disbelief product hardness of heart (Mark 16: 14, Luke 24: 38, Hebrews 2: 12-19).

On a more positive note, the redemptive plan of God has great potential for healing of the heart. If it is the place of corruption, it is the place of cleansing sanctification where authentic faith resides… The transformation of the heart emerges as the mark of the patient disciple who waits on Jesus’ return in obedience to his teaching.– Edward. P. Meadors 2006, 79 & 81.

In his mission statement Jesus confirms the importance that God places in the heart while quoting the prophecy of Isaiah 61: 1-2 through Luke 4: 18-20: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor: He has sent me to heal the broken heart, to proclaim release to the captives, and the blind recovery of sight, for the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord. “

What amazing “Good News” we can experience and then proclaim to the world!

JESUS: our light for marriage?

Jesus is our light by taking away the darkness and cleansing our hearts.

(1 John 1: 5-9)


Week of marriage counselling and enrichment.

During this week, I could understand the roots of the wounds and fears of my husband like mine. I can now use the opened doors of his heart to care for him. As a result, we are able to talk to each other about an event or a subject without fighting with each other. That opened the eyes of my heart towards my husband and led me to care wholeheartedly for him.

On my side, I could realize how much the negligence of my wife’s mother affected her and how much athe anger of her father had wounded her heart. I understand her much better.  Through this caring for the heart ministry, I learned how to take care of her heart and bring security and comfort to my wife. On my part, I could find the roots that led me to perform and to become people pleaser. Now, I can benefit and relax from free times without feeling guilty. Thank you Lord!

Week of marriage counselling and enrichment.

“The intensive week “Caring for the Heart” was a real blessing for my wife and I. Even after 38 years of marriage, by exploring our behaviors and our reactions, we discovered great truths about ourselves. While learning to understand us better and furthermore making a better analysis of who we are and from where we are coming from (our past), we were able to mutually and better understand each other and seize the impact of our wounds since our marriage. The time spent speaking about it and the fact to giving room to experience mutual forgiveness enabled us to get closer to one another. To improve our understanding of each other now enables us to better take care of each other’s heart. It is an investment of time which we recommend to each couple, no matter the number of years of marriage.”


 One week conference, Patmos Bible Camp, QC, August 2012: 

 ” Our week at camp with Lorraine and Donald was the occasion to clarify that there are still dark zones in our hearts which had not been placed yet in the light of God. Our past and our parental heritage left traces in our lives, traces which prevent us from taking care of the heart of our spouse. We begin hardly our advance to walk in a sincere and major love journey, and already we anticipate with joy the results which will result from this.”


Week of marriage counselling and enrichment

” This week of marital enrichment has been for our marriage of a great comfort and an investment of time which has been the most beneficial. Our hearts literally merged during this week and we came out filled with hope and faith of the inestimable grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our couple was going well … and he is now even better … we learned to know us better personally and be more sensitive and attentive to the emotional needs of the other … while concentrating on the ministry of the cross. Thank You Lord for this week in which you have revealed yourself to us … allowing us to see your face and understand at what point what you have the best in reserve for us … is invaluable.”


Week of marriage counselling and enrichment

“ Dear Lorraine & Donald.

We would just like to say thank you both for the hospitality that you gave to us last week and the amazing discoveries that we uncovered working with the Lord through your marriage counselling and enrichment. You both are truly servants of the Lord and it shines through by the way you are able to teach and heal broken hearts and souls. The Lord has blessed you both with gifts of teaching; we have taken back so much information and tools to help with our relationship and are anxious to continue with your ministry in helping and leading others to the healing of hearts and souls. It is just a start for us and if the Lord willing we will continue with the tools that we attained last week to help and assist others in the issues concerning relationships. “


Marriage retreat, Mosaique Montreal, November 2012: 
” For my wife and me, the marriage retreat came at one good timing. After 10 years of marriage, we realized that certain problems returned year after year. But we did not know how to regulate them. The teaching revealed us clearly that these problems were deeper than one thought! And we have found tools which will enable us to do the housework, to clarify, and to rebuild on solid. “


Marriage retreat, Mosaique Montreal, November 2012:

” The retreat was the opportunity to reposition us in our personal relationship with God and to mature in us the desire to continue to let God transform our hearts. This retreat enriched us in understanding the consequences of our attitudes of heart in  relation with God and consequently with our spouse and our children. It caused a deep awakening and a commitment to continue the journey, to learn and live the truth by letting Jesus’ tender spirit transform our hearts. We came out with a greater thirst for intimacy with God.

Jesus is our hope for marriages!

Dear Lorraine and Donald,

“We would just like to say thank you both for the hospitality that you gave to us last week and the amazing discoveries that we uncovered working with the Lord through your marriage counselling and enrichment. You both are truly servants of the Lord and it shines through by the way you are able to teach and heal broken hearts and souls. The Lord has blessed you both with gifts of teaching; we have taken back so much information and tools to help with our relationship and are anxious to continue with your ministry in helping and leading others to the healing of hearts and souls. It is just a start for us and if the Lord willing we will continue with the tools that we attained last week to help and assist others in the issues concerning relationships.

The Lord is good for bringing us together now we have brothers & sisters in Montreal.

Please let us know whenever you come to town, there always a room for you both.”

God Bless,  M & T, QC

Donald & Lorraine on the road again!

Family time to connect!

Our flock at Camp des Bouleaux, QC


La pêche Church, Wakefield, July 7-8th.

Donald & Lorraine preaching and giving mission report about Quebec mission field. Here they are sharing a meal with Pastor Mark and Janet Chamberland after Church. Sunsay 15th, they accepted Pastor’s Rob Harwood’s invitation to speak about the ministry of Reconciliation.  Driving around Stayner area, they visited with pastor Dave and his wife Carri from Collingwood EMC, Brothers and Sisters in the Lord from Faith EMC, Wasaga Beach.


Mission Weekend At Stayner Bible Camp

Meeting with other missionaries makes us feel “home coming.” 


Time to share stories about what God is doing around the World.

Mission Weekend is great Family time.