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Only God can write such stories…

Fredérique and Anna stories.                                                                                                           Lorraine: “ I received a phone call from a friend Annabelle working for “Aujourd’hui l’Espoir – Hope for Today” a Gospel radio – TV ministry broadcast in the province of Quebec. The phone call was about a lady from Montreal who was showing interest to know more about the Gospel. March 7th, I got in touch with Frédérique and made an appointement to meet in my home for coffee. She has already contacted by another believer in her area. I explained to her what was important was to meet Christians that would encourage her to read the Bible and follow Jesus, and to make sure what is being taught to her is from the Bible.
DSC_0017 (2)We met on the following Saturday, March 9th. She explained to me that when she heard a song on radio, her heart was so moved and touched that she began to cry,  feeling her heart being torn and empty. She then felt the desire to know more about God. She went to see on the internet and listen to a Gospel program. At the closing of the program the phone number of “Aujourd’hui l’Espoir” was given. She called right away. This why we got her reference.
I had 3 phone conversations with Frédérique. I I listened to her story, answered her questions, explained the good news of the Gospel to her. Visibly, she was ready to pray and to invite Jesus into her heart and commit her life to follow Jesus. I gave her a Bible and a practical study on the Gospel of John. The next day, she attended a service at Nouvelle Espérance – New Hope Church in the area where she lives, north of Montreal, with pastor Jean Lépine, someone we know. This is also the local Church of Diane, a close friend. She was warmly welcome at Church although my friend Diane was not there that day for cancer testing.”

” I persued faithfully my relationships with Frédérique. One day she invited me to her house to meet her friend Anna; she also asked me to bring a Bible for her friend. Frédérique had already told her friend about her experience with Jesus and explained the Good News to Anna. We got to know each other and shared about our background. Then we discussed about Jesus and the Gospel. Interestingly, we were reading from 3 different Bible translations: Louis Second (Lorraine), Word of Life (Frédérique) and (NIV) for her friend Anna (I gave an NIV because she is Italian and English speaking) but  the truth of the Gospel came out clearly. Anna was also a ripe fruit who prayed to invite Jesus in her heart. We enjoyed our moment together. We prayed together to close the meeting praising God for the ministry of Reconciliaton.

Frédérique and Anna are studying the Bible with me. We are starting by a special study reading four times the Gospel of John each time with a different focus and with practical applications. I have also invited Frédérique for  Vie Renouvelée – Celebrating Recovery groups that will soon start through my coaching  network, Eastern of Montreal. Pray for transportation – this might be an obstacle. We will see what the Lord has in store for them.”

Story of Anita.
“I am coaching another lady. I met Anita at our local church. I observes how she looked “alone” in the crowd. I became intentional to take interest in her and to get to know her more through hospitality. She was raised as an Anglican pastor’s daughter. We started to do Bible study on a weekly basis. As we met and discussed more about personal issues, she told me she was not sure about her faith. While we were making practical applications in the Bible about her life, she was touched deeply. We are encouraged to see the work of the Holy Spirit as we dig in the Word of God on a weekly basis. Anita is now walking in a new spiritual Journey being transformed by the work of Jesus. “

“This is to say that are single women, in their fourties, who long to get out of their problems and to grow… And you know what, Jesus is just there waiting patiently and faithfully to meet and to care for them…”

“Thank you Jesus for the privilege and opportunities to share about you and to invest in the lives of people with the Gospel, the living power to heal their heart and transform the lives of people for God’s Glory. (Luke 4: 18-20)”

    –  Lorraine

Donald & Lorraine on a three weeks Tour Western Canada speaking on RECONCILIATION



God is showing us that the message of Reconciliation is a powerful message, vital and indispensable for our country, our communities, our families, our couples and also for our churches. When people are open to work on reconciliation, it’s like making an invitation and a special place for the work of the Holy Spirit … and it’s really edifying to see Him at work. In Canada we try to resolve tensions by “buying peace” with negotiations and so-called “reasonable” accommodations: this is called maintaining business relationships. But that does not solve anything because the problem is deeply rooted in the broken relationships and unresolved wounds that the different groups of people carry in their relationships… Unfortunately, the relationships are not meant to “take care of each other” but to dealing and settling things with a business mindset, using people instead of serving people … Canada is a big, blended family of several groups of children – French, English, Aboriginal and all new adopted immigrant children – and that’s a family that suffers deeply because it has never resolved its broken relationships since its origin …
On the other hand, the gospel does not ask us to have business relationships between us, but rather to take care of each 20190118_115511other. Our Survey of over 400 years of history shows that in any organization, any group, when relationships are unresolved and the focus is put on accommodations, business, dealing, programs and structures, we fall into the trap creating and feeding  “power struggles” and it produces additional tensions that agitate and complicate relationships even more … (a favorable and ideal play ground for Satan to start a spiritual war and destroy). In such case, we also find that it saddens and limits the work of the Holy Spirit.

That being said, when we see cracks appearing in the walls of our house, family or local Church, it is not the time to make rénovations because it will only cover up the look. To the contrary, it is a clear sign (red flag) that we must dig deep in the foundations of the house to find the root so to understand what is causing the real problems and to discern appropriate measures and steps to correct the situation (Jeremiah 1: 10 biblical process). Therefore, when we do not practice the instruction of the Word of God, we pay the price and the conséquences are inevitably tragic … This is what 1 Corinthians 12 evokes for our reports because according to the text all the members are important: 1Co 12: 24-25 “God arranged the body to give more honor to what was lacking, so that there was no division in the body, but the members also took care of each other. ”


Christmas, a ” special” season, an opportunity to take a fresh look in the light!


Donald resting after two eye surgery – December 5th & 19th.

Our focus is Quebec Mission Field


Donald & Lorraine Gingras, missionaries in Quebec
Ministry interview with Gavin Wark: “Time of Harvest in Quebec Mission Field.”

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!!
Canada, it’s your Day on July 1st. But wait a minute, what exactly are you celebrating? Do you remember, Canada, on what basis did you build your family? Yes, you started a “family” with three main groups of children … the Aboriginals, then the French, and a bit later those from Great Britain? Oh, and since then, all the newcomers from everywhere!

The beginning of the Canadian family
In the historical record of the family, we can see that, a little after 1760, there was a real and growing possibility that the stronger British colonies to the south probably would separate from British rule. They might eventually want take land to the north. The British were figuring out how to manage their newly conquered French colony, and looking for ways to deal with the original peoples. They also started to bring in English speaking settlers. So it was that in this expansive land, three unrelated families would live. How to manage them and ensure the survival of British North America’s territory?

ENGLISH POSTER DONALD'S BOOKA challenge to manage this blended family
That would be a challenge. The British immediately began to negotiate with the French and the Aboriginals their loyalty to form a united group who could stand against the American colonies. In this spirit, our French religious leaders negotiated the right to live in their Catholic parishes and continue in the French language, culture and Catholic religion, working as farmers, lumberjacks and homemakers. In the same way, the native chiefs were able to bargain for the right to live in their great reserves in their language, and continue in their religion and culture to live by hunting, fishing, agriculture and homemakers. English settlers came to both Quebec and the territory to the west of Quebec, “Upper” Canada because it was further up the St. Lawrence River. Many obtained land grants to farm, but some had trade and business skills, so could establish themselves in service and other commercial occupations in villages, and towns that eventually would become cities, including Montreal and the less important Toronto.

Children living isolated from each other as a family lifestyle
Because of language and culture differences and a fair amount of physical separation as well as the British skill in dealing with each group uniquely, the three “families” lived quite separately and were strangers to each other, or worse. When I traveled across Canada for several years to give lectures on the subject, one question always came back over and over: “Why are Quebec, Aboriginals (now known as First Nations, Metis and Inuit) and the English still living so apart from one another and always negotiating to get more for themselves?”

Bargaining is the mean and the way to relate to each other
In fact, it must be understood that the Canadian family was built right from its beginning on the basis of negotiation. Since 1760, we have created and mainly maintained business and political relationships as a way to live. We have not built the Canadian family on the foundation and values of caring for each other. Moreover, once the war of 1812-14 with the United States ended, the British parents showed no interest in settling the 200 years of wars, conflicts and killings between the still isolated “families” of children who struggled with memories going back to the 1760 Conquest and earlier. Later, the blending was formalized in England after being arranged by political overtures here in Canada that culminated in the 1867 Act of Confederation. The records of this struggling “blended family” still clearly show that we came together to negotiate and often haggle over new territorial, material, financial, and political arrangements. This type of traditional bargaining has built the DNA of our relationships in which we still believe that we can make life work for us today by repeating the same manners.

The children are still hurting from the past
Canada, what’s going on in the family? I heard the other day, on the National Day of Quebec, how much of the heart of Quebec would like to live in a loving family that sees to the welfare of each child and cares, while another part of him would like to leave the family because he thinks he does not find his true place there. I hear the same feelings and words from my Aboriginal friends. The English children, for their part, seem to have obtained the status of somewhat more “legitimate” children and to have achieved a stronger position in the family structure that creates relational tensions. Canada, you are a blended family who suffers because you have yet to fully face or settle the wounds of the past. Canada, do you really believe that the deployment of parties, music festivals, culture, sports, ongoing financial spending and now marijuana will heal the relational wounds that Canadians still carry from generation to generation?

New children adopted: same vision, same lkifestyle, same relational pattern…
Canada, on what basis do you adopt the newest – the fourth – group into our “blended family”? Are you adopting this latest batch of children to use as labor to make up for the economic shortcomings and deficiencies of a troubled, failing system? And what kind of relationship do you have with them? Do you care to develop one? Will it be limited to business relationships and political negotiation like it always been with the French and the Aboriginals? One fact remains obvious: It is not on the foundation of “the love we have for one another” that dominates our relationships but rather what we can extract from each other. It often seems that history is repeating itself…

Where are you going to find happiness?
Canada, does this marriage of 1867 make you a true family? How can you turn the page believing that time will forget the wounds? Canada, how can you persist in promoting happiness in the temporal, material and financial values that have poisoned the relationships between your children and mortgaged their future? Canada, you gave your children a charter of rights to guarantee them full access to all freedoms, but why did you willingly leave aside the “charter of responsibilities” of your children that could have helped to harmonize and balance their relationships? Canada, why did you delegate to a handful of jurists the ultimate authority to determine our values and beliefs and to change our way of life? Canada, despite the fact that you have so much criticized bishops and religious leaders for having dominated our way of life in earlier time, is it much different now as you entrust all the responsibility of the Canadian family to a handful of Supreme Court justices?

Canada, what to celebrate?
Canada, what are all these Canada Day “parties” for when your children still show the symptoms of a “blended” family suffering … Canada, what spiritual legacy will you leave to your children? Canada, what will you really want to celebrate in this July 1st, 2018?

Canada! Here is Good News I long to celebrate:
When I read and inspire myself from the following passages of the word of God, like the Apostle Paul, I can say for myself: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God in salvation and in reconciliation for whoever believes.” ( Romans 1:16; and 2 Corinthians 5: 18-20)

God’s plan for the Canadian family
“ You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luc 10 : 27) « God, in his plan of love had proposed beforehand to adopt us for love as his own children by Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1: 5) “To all those who welcomed Jesus, who believed in him and who put their trust in who he is, to all those, he gave the power to become children of God, regardless of their race and blood, and it is by the intervention of God. (John 1: 12) “There you are no longer strangers or guests. You are full fellow citizens with all the other children of God, you are the people of God, set apart for him; you are part of his family. (Ephesians 2:19)”I give you a new commandment: Love one another. Yes, as I have loved you, love one another. It is the mark by which men will recognize that you are my disciples. “( John 13: 34-35)“All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. (2 Corinthians 5: 18-20)

“ O Canada… God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee… “

READ: “Window of Hope … and Reconciliation”
Author: Donald Gingras
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Heart Cry for Quebec ministry



June 24th – Quebec National Day: What to celebrate?

The National Day! What are we celebrating?

“June 24th is my birthday. For some, it’s the Saint-Jean Baptiste, for others it’s the national holiday: two worlds representing two very different stages of my life where, in turn, those around me promised me an unequaled happiness . I introduce myself: I am Quebec. I left the family home (France) around 1600 to emigrate to America to build my future. Since my arrival, all those who have been in authority above me have tried, in turn, to make me swallow blindly that life would work for me if I endorse their values. They promised me that I would find happiness guaranteed.

Today, 400 years later, I still live the same scenario. How can I say that I have found this happiness so coveted in the temporal, material, financial and political values I have so much praised? At the moment, I face the reality of my life and where these values lead me … The statistics say a lot about me! These results, however disappointing they are, do not lie and push me invariably to ask me a lot of questions. Yes, it’s my birthday, but what a funny party! What is wrong with my life? Do I just have to walk in the street and party to evacuate my distress and express my discontent? What will I leave to my children just as inheritance? Just asking me the question hurts me a lot. ”

ENGLISH POSTER DONALD'S BOOKQuebec is the child whose historic wounds have tragically damaged his heart. Quebec is torn and exhibits in its relations attitudes that reflect a heart overwhelmed like a volcano ready to spit fire and the lava suffering that have pressed for so long. Quebec questioning who seeks his way through the racket of pots and pans on the streets or “parties” or sports or in the religion of hockey but still does not find satisfaction once the day come to an end … Quebec in search of identity, which tends to drown its discomfort and his troubles in denial by venerating his culture, his songs and his humor under the fires of countless and endless summer festivals … Quebec, what is this void that haunts you so much? Quebec, what are you trying to fill? Quebec, 400 years have passed, but it’s the same thing. Quebec, what spiritual legacy will you leave to your children?

Donald Gingras, author of “Window of Hope … and Reconciliation” Quebec, a 400-year overview of a revealing story where Quebec lives in Canada, a hurting family…
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