• Please pray for:

  • 4485 houses dammaged

  •   552 routes dammaged

  • 3641 people out of their home

  •   177 cities affected

Photos taken from Donald & Lorraine walking place along St-Lawrence River.       We never saw such high level of water in this area for the last 60 years

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QUEBEC MARS 2009 005

St-Lawrence River at Spring Time – Québec City

Photo 137

Donald & Lorraine walking trail, St-Lawrence River, Montreal

Cold Winter! But warm hearts improves relationships!

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We wish you a very Happy New Year!


Jésus’ heart is longing for Quebec – Mt. 9.35-38


Lorraine et Donald

Donald & Lorraine Gingras

25th anniversary of Ministry: our best season ever!

Ministry highlights

dsc_0247– From 1991, after biblical training in Briercrest Seminary (1988-91), Saskatchewan, our main focus has been to play a support role to local churches in Quebec through disciple making disciples by caring and investing in people and families.  We have been involved in six Church planting expériences in Québec with the same ministry emphasis.

– From 1993 – 1997 Donald was teaching, counselling and being a principal in a Christian High School when Lorraine was counselling, discipling and mentoring women in our local Church in Québec city.

From 1997-2001 Donald was taking the role of interim pastor in Farnham, QC and starting at the same time Church plaiting Eastern Montréal.

– In 2001 God led us to travel six years across Canada to speak the message of Reconciliation between French, First Nation and English and to mobilize prayer for Québec, the most unevangelized mission field in North America. Donald’s book came out in 2008 as a result and was published at the 400th anniversary of Québec. Donald did a lot of interview on Christian TV. The book is a best seller in English with 5 000 copies and in French as well with 3 000 spread across Canada.

– Since September 2011, God directed us to take an additional training in marriage counselling and enrichment with Caring for the Heart Ministry, Colorado Springs. With the reality that Québec lost about 50% of his evangelical pastors in the last 15-20 years, God gave Donald a burden to work with pastors and ministry leaders. Since our training, God brought over 60 pastoral and ministry couples in our home to take one week of counselling and life transforming experience. As a result, a coaching network has developped with the need to share and to implement tools for caring, counselling, disciple making and training leaders in the local churches.

– We put together a GPS Group training for the local Church as part of caring ministry to train leaders to lead couples and individuals to emotional, spirituel and relational maturity. In the last two years, we have reproduced our GPS groups and training leaders with four (4) local Churches. Donald is also coaching about ten pastors to do pastoral counselling with couples.Donald & Lorraine Gingras - missionaries in Quebec

–  We have translated the EMCC coaching guide “The Way of Jesus” into French. We work at implementing this “one on one” disciple making journey in Québec context. We seek God’s direction to open our home for a weekly Life Group meeting for people of our neighborhood and to give opportunities to introduce “Way of Jesus.”

– In May 2016, God lead us into a new local Church that has a heart for lost and needy people. Ou local Church serve 75 to 100 baskets of food weekly; help immigrants to adjust in Québec culture; provide help for homework; teach “English” as a second language; help families in several ways; is closely involved in the community in partnership with many other non profit organisations. Lorraine and I arrive at a time where there is a need to train leaders in counselling and disciple making in order to care and to lead the new people and believers into emotional, spiritual and relational maturity. Our main focus is to train, coach and mentor ministry leaders and couples.

–  During Summer 2016, Lorraine and I took a training with Celebrating Recovery Ministry. We also visited two churches in Waterloo, ON and also Cross Road Church, AB who worked with the CR Ministry for a decade.  Then, we have introduced Celebrating Recovery Ministry to six local churches of our pastoral network. Including our local Church, four have decided to start on CR Journey and two others are showing major interest to start the Ministry soon. This Ministry is a blessing for Québec mission field and context.

– For five (5) consecutive years, Donald has been invited as conference speaker at Concordia University in a class of psychology to talk about his book “Window of Hope… and Reconciliation.”  Each of the 100 students must read Donald’s book and write a paper on the subject. Invitation has been given for this Fall as well, October 20th (please pray). Each time Donald had full freedom to share his faith and new values that led him to write the book.

Through Alpha program, we developped a 8 years relationships encouraging and coaching Jean-Philippe Auger, a Catholic priest in his spiritual journey. He attended several of Donald’s conference and training on Disciple Making.  He also took one week retreat of counselling with Donald. His interest for this subject with Donald’s coaching led him to take his D. Min. at Laval University on Disciple Making.  As a result of his dissertation, he wrote a book: ” Jesus coached twelve ordinary men to make them extraorinday leaders.”  He is now teaching at the Grand Catholic Seminary of Montréal  and training young catholic priests. The Dean of Seminary said: “We need to train our young  priets in a new culture of Disciple Making in order to fulfil the Great Commission Mt. 28-18020.” Donald was introduced by Jean-Philippe to the Dean with the project to speak to the students about “Window of Hope… and Reconciliation” and to teach them on the spiritual reality of Québec.

Looking back at 25 years of Ministry in Québec, we realise it takes time, perseverence and faithfulness in the ministry. Apostle Paul wrote in Ph. 2:19-22  “I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, so that I too may be cheered by news of you. For I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. But you know Timothy’s proven worth, how as a son with a father he has served with me in the gospel With this generation that is shaped by “fast food” and “tech” and “speed,” we really need to teach and value that making disciples and training leaders takes time and quality. Lorraine and I have observed over the coarse of our 25 years of ministry, that most people we had a long term caring, discipling and coaching relationships with are actually involved in the Ministry.




NOTE:  ON THE PHOTO (map of Québec), each BLUE flag represent a pastoral couple or a ministry leader that took a week of counselling with us in our home. This map gives demonstrates how God has been using  us to plant seeds of REVIVAL across Quebec by implementing and reproducing DISCIPLE MAKING and CARING & TRAINING LEADERS. It is with praises and great expectations that we see God leading us in this season, the best ever and most fruitful time of our ministry life. Keep praying for us to be sensitive and to discern Holy Spirit leading in this amazing journey and movement designed by God for our mission field of Quebec.

Thanks for your faithful praying, finaicial support and encouragement.

Donald & Lorraine.


When disciple making means meeting Jesus in a new way!

DSC_0033 - CopySince 2011, Donald and Lorraine have opened their home as a place of care and counseling for pastoral and ministry leaders couples. They are committed to assisting individuals, couples and families to find freedom from emotional issues, spiritual problems and spiritual strongholds. To date they have met with over 58 couples.

Their ministry has resulted in relationships that have deepened through coaching and mentoring. It has also become a stepping stone in implementing disciple making groups. They are now translating and adapting the “Way of Jesus” for the Québec context, a great need in their mission field.

Donald and Lorraine claim this season is the best and most fruitful in their ministry lives ever. We rejoice with them. Keep praying for them to be sensitive to discern the leading of the Spirit of Jesus in the amazing Journey and movement designed by God for the mission field in Québec.

One such couples shares… ” In November 2013, we went to Donald and Lorraine’s suite for a week of spiritual retreat. The Lord used them to reveal where our hearts were wounded and needed his healing touch. It was the first time in our lives that someone really took care of our heart issues. As a result, we understood that Jesus really is interested in what goes on in our hearts and that he desires this intimate loving relationship with each of his children.

As a pastor, I realized for the first time that  what Jesus had done for me. He wanted to do for those around me as well. He wanted us to take care of people’s lives in such a way that they could experience His love and care in a much deeper way than ever before.

The Lord lead us to set up a group for those disciples who felt the need for healing in their hearts, with Donald and Lorraine as our coaches. We are already seeing hearts being changed before our eyes as Jesus gently leads them to healing. The result is a reigniting of the love for the Lord and for others. Relationships are being restored and the church is starting to live again! We are shifting to become an intentiuonal disciple making Church.”        – Brian & Lorraine Matthieu