Merry Christmas!


The following document is a PPT presentation on how the Gingras spend Christmas.

Christmas – 2017 PPT Présentation family traditions – The Gingras Dec 2017

Christmas – text for PPT slides about family traditions – The Gingras Dec 2017


Sandra’s “Farewell Visit” in Montreal


We had the privilege to host Sandra for a “Farewell Visit” as  EMCC World Partners director. Sandra met with ministry leaders that Donald & Lorraine are training and coaching. Thanks Sandra for your faithful encouragement and prayers.   

Samuel & Agathe, Disciple Makers; Withnie Dominique, Celebrating Recovery ministry leader; David & Josée Celebrating Recovery ministry leader and being trained for Chruch planting. First line: Sandra  with Donald & Lorraine.

Fall Season Showing Up!


As you can read on our face, we had a good resting Holiday!


Ministry Schedule:

Praises and prayer requests:


Disciple Making with a family of leaders.


This year Lorraine & Donald were involved making disciple with a whole family of leaders from our local Church. Their work started with counselling Mom and Dad as a couple and counselling the whole family. Then they coached David and Josée to implement Celebrating Recovery ministry in our local Church. They did marriage counselling and coaching with David & Josée and Cristina & Sacha while they started coaching Augusto,  single. Recently, God called David & Josée to lead the Church planting project of our local Church, Cristina & Sacha will be leading Celebrating Recovery groups while Augusto will lead Youth ministry.


  • Please pray for:

  • 4485 houses dammaged

  •   552 routes dammaged

  • 3641 people out of their home

  •   177 cities affected

Photos taken from Donald & Lorraine walking place along St-Lawrence River.       We never saw such high level of water in this area for the last 60 years

DSC_0038 (2)


DSC_0029DSC_0031 (2)


QUEBEC MARS 2009 005

St-Lawrence River at Spring Time – Québec City

Photo 137

Donald & Lorraine walking trail, St-Lawrence River, Montreal

Cold Winter! But warm hearts improves relationships!

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