WINTER 2019 



FOR Donald’ eye surgery December 5th and 19th that went well. 

FOR about 300 people who attended Celebrating Recovery Conference in Waterloo weekend of October 20-21 in which Lorraine took the role of interpreting and translating in French. Great job Lorraine! Donald was invited to take a table display to expose his book on the ministry of Reconciliation.



* For Donald’s Healing after two eye surgery.

* FOR financial support. In 2018 we had a major drop in financial support. In order to keep the ministry going, we are working to make key adjustments in our budget: cuts in salary and expenses… 

*FOR LORRAINE who is coaching to develop Disciple Making with Celebrating Recovery ministry in different local Churches in Quebec.

* FOR follow up coaching with pastoral couples and ministry leaders in Roberval, Jonquière, Chicoutimi, Québec, Montréal.

* FOR Disciple Making with “Celebrating Recovery” Group leaders: Sacha and Cristina in our local Church. Diane (Québec) Witnie (Montreal); Jennifer & Alex who are Québec provincial CR leaders.

* FOR Karine’s vision to implement Disciple Making in a near future with “Celebrating Recovery” with teens when translation of CR for TEENS is completed.

* FOR Augusto, Jonathan with Donald and Julie with Lorraine as they plan to take a Discipleship training.

* FOR Donald & Lorraine training leaders of new Spanish Church Planting Ministry using our local Church building.

* FOR Pascal and Samuel leading our weekly Life Group in our home.

* FOR follow up coaching with ministry leaders: Sharon & Patrice, Nancy & Martin, Gilles & Guylaine, Nancy & Malek; Jérémie & Jessika; Richard & Sylvie; Daniel & Myriam; Jean-Philippe & Angèle; Diane; Witnie; Michel L.; Nicole;  Brian & Lorraine.img_2836-e1522249198357.jpg

*  FOR Rikardo who is still suffering severely from heavy juvenile arthritis and multiple side effects of medication (cortisone) on his body. PLEASE PRAY – PRAY – PRAY for Rikardo is the youngest of 4 children of David and Josée Hernendez preparing for a “major” surgery beginning of New Year.

009 - Famille Hernandez - IMG_3616

* For David & Josée’s financial support as they took a step of faith to  studying full time in preparation for ministry. For their children (Thalia, Myriam, Isaac, Rikardo) as they experience trusting the Lord to live by faith.They are in training for launching a Church Plant, in Lavaltrie, Est of Montreal.


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 * For Sacha, Cristina (Diego, Mateo and Alexjandro) in training for counselling with Donald and Lorraine in the local Church. They have a great compassion and sensitivity toward people. They feel called to care for couples and families as lay and self-supporting couple.

004 - IMG_20180718_084509

* For Maxim and Julie (Olivier, Samuel, and Florence) as they are now walking by faith for as God led them to full time study. Pray for their Financial support. They are in training to launch and lead a Church Planting, in Lavaltrie, Est of Montreal. They have a great heart for people and evangelism.

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* PRAY for Jean & Chantal (with two adult children and one grandchild). Jean is close to getting retired from his successfull administrative career at the city of Montreal. They are preparing and getting trained to be self-supporting to work in counselling for couples and administration. They have a great heart to care and serve.

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* PRAY for Jean-Philippe et Angèle. They have four children. They are both dentist and involved in their local Church in Quebec city as elder. They have a heart to care and help Young families. They are training for counselling couples through regular coaching.

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* PRAY for Brian & Lorraine. Brian is DR. Ophtalmologist and Lorraine physiotherapist. They are both involved in the leadership of their local Church. They have taken the training in counselling for couples. Disciple Making and caring for people is where their heart is.



Devotion by Donald

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