SUMMER 2018 


Lorraine & Donald


FOR about 50 people who attended the training “Becoming a missional community of disciple makers.”

FOR ministry leaders (32) who attended the Spring training on “Coaching spiritually and walking along side hurting people.”         Donald & Lorraine teaching was: “From bitterness to Forgiveness.”

FOR many couples in leadership  from our local Church who are in coaching relationships with Lorraine and Donald. Three couples and one single in leadership from our local Church took the one week long spiritual retreat this last year. We are coaching another one on weekly basis.



* FOR LORRAINE and Donald’s Physical health. Moving from 2nd floor to first floor in our home and intense Spring Ministry schedule are catching up on our vulnarable back. Pray for wisdom and discernment with ministry demandas and load.

* FOR for Donald & Lorraine have started a practical biblical study on Intercessory PRAYER and as they also coach other couples in leadership to pray: “Ez 7:10  For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments. “

* FOR follow up coaching with couples and individuals in Roberval, Jonquierre, Chicoutimi, Québec, Yamaska, Chicoutimi, Montréal.

* FOR Jean & Chantal and David & Josée, Cristina & Sacha from our local Church, taking their GPS counselling training for couples.

* FOR Celebrating Recovery Group leaders: Josée and Sandra; Sacha and Jule; Cristina et Karine in our local Church. Diane (Québec) Witnie (Montreal) Also for Alex & Jennifer who are Québec provincial leaders.

* FOR Karine’s vision to start Celebrating Recovery with teens. For translation of Celebrating Recovery teaching and process for TEENS.

* FOR Augusto, David, Jonathan (3 singles) and Maxime & Julie as they plan to take a Discipleship training – FOLLOWING JESUS with Donald or Lorraine in 2018. For Julie who want to take it with Lorraine.

* FOR Donald & Lorraine training leaders of new Spanish Church Planting Ministry from our local Church.

* FOR Julie and Maxime as we do marriage counselling with them.

FOR David, Josée, Maxime and Julie, Sacha & Christina, who feel led to work for God. They have asked Donald & Lorraine to give them vocational training and coaching.

* FOR Pascal who is coached by Donald to lead the weekly Life Group in our home. Pray as we plan to make a major transition into our life group from a “bible study group” to a “group of Followers of Jesus in Mission.” Pray for wisdom as we make the change.

* FOR Agathe & Samuel and their four children; they expressed the desire to join EMCC Family as Followers of Jesus, Disciple Makers and Church planters. Sam & Agathe lives in Yamaska, QC.

FOR disciples or ministry leaders in our follow up coaching with: Élisa & Jérôme; Nancy & Malek; Jérémie & Jessika; Richard & Sylvie; Daniel & Myriam; Jean-Philippe & Angèle; Diane; Witnie; Michel L.; Diego & Magdelina; Nicole;  Roger; Brian & Lorraine.img_2836-e1522249198357.jpg

*  FOR Rikardo who is still suffering severely from heavy juvenile arthritis and multiple side effects of medication (cortisone) on his body. PLEASE PRAY – PRAY – PRAY for Rikardo is the youngest of 4 children of David and Josée Hernendez. 


   * For David & Josée’s financial support as they took a step of faith to start studying full time in preparation to their vocational calling. For their family as they experience trusting the Lord and living by faith.

 * PRAY Through our Ministry Schedule as you walk with of us as spiritual partners:




Devotion by Donald

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