God is “never done” with us!

015 - Donald & Lorraine Gingras - missionaries in QuebecAs we drove 3000 kms to Colorado Spring, we felt some apprehension.  We are trained as pastoral counsellors and have been helping people for over 25 years, but we had never experienced going for “official” counselling as a couple. We did not know what to expect but we knew somehow this adventure was a special appointment with God.  God had graciously saved our marriage 10 years before we became Christians. Since that time of Recnociliation with God, He has been faithful and loving to show us His plan for marriage and family. We have been on a journey of ongoing réconciliations in a journey of sanctification.                We realize that “God is never done” with us.

Donald: “I thought we were doing well as a couple because I compared us to the damaged people  we helped.  Keeping very busy doing ministry had become an obstacle that prevented me from looking properly at our marriage and investing in it.   My wife and I knew something was missing. My wife was hurting silently and I felt totally inadequate and intiidated to step in and to take leadership in the areas of emotional intimacy. As a result, it locked our communication.”

Lorraine: “When John Regier, director of Caring for the Heart ministry came to Quebec, the teaching exposed my deepest longings. I wanted to emotionally connect with my husband. In our first week we had personal counselling as couple with John. Surprise: I discovered my husband’s pain and emotional damage.  It helped me to understand the ways he responded daily to those wounds and how it was affecting us. For myself I learned how past wounds damaged my heart and led me to become a dominant, angry women while demanding for my “expectations” and desires to be fulfilled. Although my husband knew he had some pain inside, he was surprised to realize that he underestimated most of it and had disassociated from the pain causing interference in our relationship. The counsellor  began to lead us in a conversational prayer experience in which we could sense the presence of Jesus unlocking my husband’s heart.  I was taught how to “penetrate” my husband’s hurting locked heart through caring. This language of the heart and intimate way of praying with Jesus was new for us but so practical and so effective.”

Donald: “I found out that my heart was locked to the point I could not care for the deepest needs of Lorraine. I felt intimidated each time I saw her tears, crying. This made me feel shame and guilt for my lack of spiritual leadership. I often felt inadequate in communicating and felt pressure to have intimate time with my wife. This hurt her, making her feel neglected, not wanted and not cared for.  I had learned to cautiously cover my pain by keeping busy helping people in the Ministry where I learned to perform to be fulfilled.”

Lorraine: “In our marriage, we didn’t know the language on how to care for each other’s heart. We sometimes felt trapped and pushed each other’s emotional pain buttons which led us to suffer in silence.  Jesus has set us free and this experience of prayer and healing help us to begin a major turning point in our Christian journey.  Yes, once more God was showing us that He is not finished with us.”

Donald: “It is not that our theology was wrong; it is that God revealed to us a new window of the Gospel – the language of the heart as emotional being designed by God.  We experience the healing presence of Jesus who can set blind and captive people free from their hidden wounds and pain. We are learning to care to each other’s heart and to build a renewed trust. We are now Learning to enjoy praying in the intimacy of our hearts and in the loving, caring and healing presence of Jesus.”

It is a new step in our journey as we learn to faithfully walk in emotional and spiritual maturity.  God touched Donald in a new way after two month of our two months experience of Healing and training. Donald’s burden is to counsel and coach pastoral couples and Lorraine to disciple and counsel women. In Quebec, we lost about 50% of our evangelical pastors in ther last 10- 20 years. In the f1rst two weeks we came back from Colorado, eleven pastoral couples called Donald to schedule a week of counselling. God was confirming his direction!

Since 2011, in our Ministry schedule, we have decided to give room once every month to a “five days at the time retreat” for pastors and minsitry leaders couples in order to experience Jesus’ healing and life transforming touch. (Luke 4: 18). In 2018, we praise God who led more that 80 pastoral and minsitry leaders couples from the province of Quebec to attend the retreat in our home. More, to extend this blessing to others, God led us to start training several of those leaders on how to care for couples and individuals in their local Church and ministry. (PTL)

–  Donald & Lorraine.